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What is Pinterest? is pinterest social media

What is Pinterest?

Does your family use Pinterest ? How can Pinterest change your online reputation ? In this post we're covering ? 
  • what students say about Pinterest
  • The good side of Pinterest
  • What Google does with your student's account 
  • The most common
  • posts on this network
  • the age restriction
  • how to create an account

What is Pinterest? is pinterest social media

What is Pinterest marketing say about their app?

You can discover and save creative ideas for any project or interest. You can find things to make, buy and do. You can use guide and search to find anything you're looking for. You can save good stuff from around the web. You can collect your finds in one place. So what is Pinterest or Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that helps users find ideas for projects and interests. Users search and browse through posts called Pin's relating to their topic of choice. As users find pins they're interested in, they can save the pen to their own folders a.k.a. boards for later reference or upload pictures, links and descriptions to share with others who are Pinterest users. Pinterest has 70 million users. Eighty five percent of the users are women. Sixty percent of all users are from the U.S. and 3.5 percent are 14 to 17 year old U.S. Internet users. What do students say about Pinterest? Well, here's what an eleven year old says. Pinterest is very helpful. I use it a lot and so do my friends and family. I think it's good for an 11 and up.

The Genesis of Pinterest

Here's what a 13 year old says. Although it's considered social media, I think it's OK. I use it to find life hacks, studying tips, DIY wise and much more. You need to know what your child would look up. But other than that, it's a great app and has a nice web site too. You can also control what comes in your feet. Here's another 13 year old says Pinchas has so many pictures that you will love as long as you don't search for anything inappropriate. There won't be anything bad. What are the Pinterest student benefits? Well, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration. Students can find crafting, cooking, photography, drawing fashion and more on the site. They can also find guides, tutorials and instructions. Pinchas can also be helpful while working on school projects. As you can see on the right, can people locate students on Pinterest? Yes. Pinterest boards are public. You can start by searching for your student on Google, using these terms to find your students. Pinterest boards type in their first name, their last name and the word Pinterest. As you can see on the right, we typed in my name, Josh OK's Pinterest. And the first thing that comes up is my user name and my board on Pinterest. Next, if you want to get specific, you can visit Pinterest dot com and search for your student on Pinterest. As you can see on the right, we search for Josh OK's. 
And as you're searching in the search box, down pops all the users under that name, as you can see at the bottom. Make sure each board and pin that you find is something that you want a college or future employer to find and locate. How could Pinterest improve your online reputation? Well, great question. It turns out that Google is searching all of Pinterest. So consider uploading light, bright and polite photos of volunteer activities, helpful ideas, funny quotes, food topics that will be on your college application, which could include your second language that you might speak, travels, interests, etc. And as you can see on the right, I put social media, safety boards, words of wisdom, places I'd like to go and cars and stuff that I like. It's important to note you're allowed to have fun on Pinterest. Just make sure it's something that's light, bright and polite. What do people post on Pinterest? Well, the most popular categories on Pinterest. Our first food and drink. Second crafts. Third home decor. And fourth, women's fashion. What is the Pinterest age restriction? Anyone under 13 years old is prohibited. However, it's only rated four plus on i-Tunes. So just about anyone is encouraged to use it, even though it's 13 plus everywhere else. How can I create a Pinterest account? Well, first you create an account by using your email or Facebook account, as you can see on the right. You can use your real name or a nickname.
And after registering, users can connect their Pinterest account to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other email accounts. What should parents know about Pinterest? Well, first, there's some not for kids stuff on Pinterest, for example, pins that include nudity in the lingerie category or pictures of people drinking alcohol in the wine beer section. Pinterest accounts, especially those that are under real names, are searchable online and Google will find them. And third, pictures that your kid pinned on their online boards can appear when colleges and employers search for your kid's name online, whether it's on Google or on Pinterest dot com. And fourth, Pinterest has become a new type of online shopping site. And you should know that most of the pins of clothing, shoes and cosmetic products are linked to online stores. I only give a shout out to Honest Ossian my office for helping me to put together some of this data. You can click item number 1 to request a social media assembly for your school. Click on number 2 to view a list of safe apps. Click on number 3 to buy my new book on Amazon Light. Bright and polite. Or click on number 4 to learn how to monitor your student online with our footprint. Friday tool. I'm Josh Holck's with safe, smart social dot com. I'm so honored you watch this video as always. Keep it light, bright and polite. Have a great day.

The difference between Instagram and Pinterest

  1. Instagram allows its users to take pictures or videos and then process them and upload them to their personal page and get interaction and comments by their friends and followers on the events of their lives, while in theinterest the user will tend to follow the comments of others and comment on them and through research he will be able to access distinctive and attractive recipes and products.
  2. In the Pinterest When downloading certain content from the Internet, a pin should be installed. This pin will take you to a website outside the Pinterest where you find the location of this content. In Instagram, the link is the same as in the CV.
  3. You can pinterest to explain and list what you want to explain about your paintings that you put on your wall, which increases interaction with people, while Instagram is more concerned with the real experiences of its users.
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