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movies coming out on christmas 2020 Deal With Roku Ahead of 'Wonder Woman 1984

With the release of the 1984 Christmas Day release of Vander Woman on HBO Max, Warnermedia and Roku have reached an agreement that will allow millions of Americans to watch tentpole movies from the comfort of their own homes.

Dec 15-per-month streaming service will be available on stop devices starting December 17.

movies coming out on christmas 2020
movies coming out on christmas 2020

Movies coming out on christmas 2020

Scott Rosenberg, senior VP platform business at Ropu, said in a statement that he was "thrilled" to bring the HBO Max library to Roku's more than 100 million users. "Reaching mutually beneficial agreements where Roku meets with our partners is how we offer the user experience at an incredible cost to consumers and deepen our long-standing relationship with the team at Warnermedia," he said. We are happy with the opportunity. '

The most widely used connect-TV platform in the United States, Roku is the last major distributor to add HBO Max to its lineup, providing the new service with a wider potential audience as it has its current 12.6 million active. Accounts seem to be moving forward.

Wonder woman 1984 hbo max release date

When HBO Max launched on May 27, it did so without splitting deals with Roku and Amazon. This means that the streamer - which is the current HBO. Offered as a free upgrade for subscribers - About 70 percent of connected TV users in the United States were not available. NBC Universal faced a similar dilemma with the peacock's early July. Both sets of talks were asked to revolve around issues related to who would control the element experience and how much advertising companies would share with Roku.

NBCU was finally able to make a deal with Roku, and WarnerMedia announced in November that the HBO Max would arrive on the Amazon Fire platform. But the company was still releasing the terms of a deal with Roku when it announced that it would release HBO Max and Vander Woman 1984 on December 25. - with highly anticipated titles such as Doone and The Suicide Squad - will follow the same release strategy.

For the past several months, HBO subscribers who broadcast network programming via a stop device have not been able to upgrade to the full HBO Max offer, including TV shows and movies Friends, The Big Bang Thi, Ri, Crazy Rich Asians and the Lord of the Worlds. Rings trio

The service has been slow to reach customers, adding 8.6 million active accounts in its first four months. But its availability on Amazon devices and its latest programming lineup, including HBO Original The Undoing and Anne Hathaway Starr's Witch, has accelerated its pace, helping to add 4 million new active accounts by the end of September. Has been made.

Warnermedia Chief Revenue Officer Tony Goncalves said in a statement that he, too, was "delighted" to conclude the deal, adding: Can't wait to do. To promote their past successes at Roku and bring HBO Max's best-in-quality entertainment to Roku's larger and more engaged viewers. "

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